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Cat Fish



Chucks 'Channel Cat' Chum has been used for the past 25 years.  It has been carefully crafted with natural ingredients that have proven to attract Catfish.  

If you are looking for an enjoyable fishing experience with the prospect of catching the 'Big One', Chuck's 'Channel Cat' Chum will bring you the results you are looking for.

Chucks Chum works best in water 5 feet to 35 feet deep with water temperatures above 50 degrees.




Cat Fish can 'smell' the chum and are attracted to it.  Used sparingly, which is important, Chuck's Chum will attract Cat Fish into a localized area.  Your friends will be amazed with the large catches that you will enjoy.  You're pulling them out and they're watching in amazement.


•  Our Chum can bring in 'Channel Cat' in less than fifteen minutes and dramatically increase your catch.

• Use Sparingly target water will populate with Catfish ready to bite as they seek the chum source.

•  No need to wait Unlike other products, our Chum is ready right out of the container.


Chucks Chum  Item # 1401











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